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When attuned to the unstruck music sounding in one's heart as an expression of Love, and when responding in Harmony with the celestial melody, one is offering thereby, a true example of nature's Beauty. — Hidayat Inayat Khan

broker forex malaysia A Sufi Master from India born into Persian nobility, Hazrat Inayat Khan introduced Universal Sufism to the United States in 1910. While traveling in the United States he met Ora Ray Baker in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Pirani Amina Begum Ora Ray Inayat-Khan became his wife and the mother of their four children: Noor-un-Nisa, Vilayat, Hidayat and Khair-un-Nisa.
He founded the Sufi Movement and Sufi Order (the esoteric school) in Geneva in 1922.

Hazrat Inayat Khan was born in Gujarat, India and was initiated into the Chishti Order of Sufism. He also studied with masters
of the Suhrawardiyya, Qadiriyya and Naqshbandi traditions. He left traditional Sufism behind
when he established Universal Sufism, which grew throughout the 20th century.

Universal Sufism has many followers around the world. Many practice Zikar for remembering the Divine Source
as well as performing other esoteric practices derived from ancient Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Islamic traditions
while adhering to the universalist philosophy of Hazrat Inayat Khan.


To reach the the SMI-USA office by email,
send a message to SufiMovementUSA@gmail.com.
how to invest in Alcoa shares in Malaysia Use this email address for inquiries about the International Sufi Movement - USA or
the Universal Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan.
To reach us by postal mail, write to
Sufi Movement International-USA, P.O. Box 52, Orinda, California 94563-1605.

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Murshida Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti
Co-Representative for the International Sufi Movement of the United States of America
email: Natl.Council.Co-Representatives@sufimovement.us

For regional SMI-USA contact information and information about the members of the Sufi Movement International Pir-O-Murshid Council
and the Sufi Movement International Executive Committee, see the Contacts page.

A preliminary version of the brochure for the Sanctuary Sharda in Orinda as a PDF file is available for downloading.
Murshida Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti oversees Sanctuary Sharda, the SMI-USA Sufi Center in Orinda, CA. how to invest in Intel shares in Malaysia

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